2014 Race 3&4 Anglesey Circuit. Oh dear!

For the next two races the FF1600 paddock was at Anglesey Circuit.  At last a track we’d tested at before!

Coastal Layout
Anglesey Circuit Coastal Layout


For this race we were using the coastal layout.  This chops off the somewhat pointless straight and hairpin and takes the cars through the Corkscrew downhill chicane.

It’s a tight and twisty technical track with one fast corner (alright perhaps two as turn 1 is fairly quick).  Church is taken in 3rd gear and is almost flat.  It’s easy flat if your engine starts to die after a few laps which is what happened to us.

Friday was a productive day.  We found a decent dry setup but the times just did not improve.  The first session we were in the 1:14s without really trying.  With a better setup and pushing hard surely we could get into the 1:12s which is certainly what the chassis is capable of.   We just did not improve and in fact got slower and ended the day in the late 1:15s.  Every session I would return to the pits expecting to see Stu’s face lit up when we see a leap in lap times but they were getting worse.

On Saturday morning we had a free practice session and the cause of the problem was revealed.  The other cars were flying passed on the straight and by now the engine would not pull beyond 6000RPM.

The eternally friendly FF1600 paddock offered so much advice and I’m particularly grateful once again for the help Dave Hart and Brian Young offered.  Unfortunately there was not one problem and the lack of power was here to stay.

One thing of note was that the first lap seemed OK with the power dropping more and more lap after lap.

Come the race, in many ways our luck was in; it rained.  Short shifting we hung on to 8th place holding off Alan Williamson throughout the race.  After the race we brought the car home to investigate what had gone wrong.

Knackered Engine
Post Anglesey Inspection

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