2014 Race 7 Oulton – The race that wasn’t

Although we entered the race, after testing on Friday we found the engine was still showing the usual problems; misfiring and progressively slowing down after a few laps, unable to rev beyond 6000RPM.  This led us to withdraw from the race for Saturday but thanks to Diz, Dave Hart and Cliff Dempsey we found a carburetor to try and decided to use the day as a test day.  The carb fixed all of the misfiring issues but the progressively diminishing performance lingered.

Oulton Paddock
Firmtec FF1600 Team at Oulton

I finally made a decent start in the pre-90 race and, after getting a good exit from Cascades on the first lap, I drew alongside the car in front to overtake in to Island Bend.  However off line was very wet so I reluctantly backed out knowing I was really just testing anyway.  As expected a few corners later the whole field zoomed passed and I pitted.  We went from full soft (it was wet!) to full stiff on the front dampers and instantly improved the car’s handling beyond our original dry setup.  Basically we had a soft rear end (soft damping and no rear bar) and a stiffly damped front.  The improvement in front responsiveness was enough to keep a decent balance despite the rear being so soft.  Something to look at when we get the engine sorted!

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