30 Year Old Donor Race Engine

We bought an engine for the block and crankshaft which are the main parts destroyed in the Anglesey engine blow up.  It was sold as a low mileage engine that has sat in a garage for 30 years.  It was never going to be good.

In the video the engine gets dismantled to see what leaving an engine for so long does to it and it’s not pretty!  The valves in the head have rusted in to place and the engine had filled with silt and rust.  Good job we only need the crank and block which will have liners fitted.

Rusty valves
30yo Formula Ford Engine cylinder head with rusted vales
Rusty 711M
30yo Formula Ford Engine Block
FF1600 Block
711M Donor Block
FF1600 head
Donor Head
FF1600 head
Rusty Cylinder Head

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