Test 27/03/15 Silverstone National

We were at Silverstone today testing the newly rebuilt M88s for any issues. We had some pretty crusty old tyres from 2010 to use so were not expecting good lap times – it was really more to check everything was OK. We were a bit late turning up and then spent most of the first session finishing the car off. Mainly the ignition timing and a few other bits. We managed a few laps right at the end.
The car clearly had something amiss at the front as it was poor on turn in, had understeer and a tendency to grab the front brake. When we looked it over the front ride height had been set to about 60mm instead of the 42 we aim for! This can be explained by the setup being done at 9pm on Wednesday night in about 30 mins. With this corrected the car handled much better but I suspect as the driver the front left was still a bit light. Also towards the end of the day the front left was completely butchered and gave the car horrific unersteer going right. Going left through Brooklands it was a nice car showing the basic setup was quite good.
The biggest problem of the day was the intermittent coolant temperature sensore which defaulted to 128C. Not reassuring but when it did work it showed 90. Still a bit high.

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