Making and installing lead ballast weights in a Formula Ford

The minimum weight of the Formula Ford Race Car without the driver is 420kg. The minimum weight with the driver is 500kg but the driver is only ~60kg so we need to find almost 20kg! Actually the car is slightly heavy so it’s about 15kg.
To keep the centre of gravity as low as possible this weight must be placed right on the floor but there isn’t a great deal you can secure a lead weight to that low so we had to make our own ballast to fit within the chassis rails. This is the safest and most effective way of adding ballast. It was just a bit dangerous. Ooo Ayy!
We melted the lead into a mold effectively casting it within a wooden frame.  On reflection this was a reasonable idea but using a large tray was a bad idea.  It made it difficult to handle and also lost heat too quickly through that large surface area.  In future a small pan would be better.

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